Give Feedback on MIFMA’s Drafted 2017 Advocacy Priorities

Part of MIFMA’s vision is to ensure that Michigan farmers markets have policy support. To guide our work towards that vision, each year MIFMA’s Advocacy Committee creates advocacy priorities that will provide a framework for MIFMA’s advocacy work. MIFMA members review and approved these advocacy priorities at MIFMA’s annual meeting.

This year, MIFMA is releasing the drafted 2017 Advocacy Priorities well in advance of when they will be approved at MIFMA’s Annual Meeting on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Member feedback is a valuable part the drafting process and MIFMA believes it is important to give members time to ask questions and provide suggestions. By doing so now, this will allow time for the Advocacy Committee to revise the priorities to reflect the feedback of MIFMA’s members.

Call to Action for MIFMA Members

  1. Please read through the drafted 2017 Advocacy Priorities here: 2017 Draft of MIFMA’s Advocacy Priorities
  2. Help MIFMA improve our advocacy work by giving feedback on the drafted priorities. Take this survey and let us know what issues are important to you and your farm or market:

We will be collecting feedback from our members through January 30, 2017. MIFMA’s Advocacy Committee will review feedback and discussion revisions to the priorities on their committee conference call scheduled for February 1, 2017.

The final proposed draft will be released one week before MIFMA’s Annual Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 8 during the Michigan Farmers Market Conference.