COVID-19 Resources

Whatever role you serve at your farmers market, we know that not only are you dedicated to ensuring shoppers have access to healthy, locally grown food and other high-quality products — but you’re also deeply committed to the safety of shoppers and the products they purchase. Never in MIFMA’s history has this mission been more important. In response to COVID-19, we want to share with you the following guidance and considerations on operating farmers markets in Michigan during this period of heightened public safety. 

Farmers market managers should consult their local health departments and the State of Michigan for information pertinent to COVID-19 and current conditions in their community.  You can regularly read the updates and recommendations available on their websites and sign up for any alerts offered by state or county-level health officials to stay the most up-to-date with what is being recommended or required.

Farmers markets are critical infrastructure because of the role they play in our food system and they can operate provided they follow health and safety practices.

According to the MI Safe Start Plan, the state has been divided into eight regions. Regions can be independently moved between six different stages of the plan based on local conditions. To view the map and track which stage of the plan your region is currently in, visit The guidelines for farmers market operations have been updated based on the modifications markets are either required or recommended to make depending on which stage of the plan their region is currently in. 

To assist our members in responding to this evolving situation, we are releasing the following resources:

Spanish Language Resources:

Arabic Language Resources

  • كوفيد -١٩ السلامة في سوق المزارعين (sizes: 8.5×11 and 11×17)
    • signage that can be posted to reinforce CDC recommended behaviors in public settings


External Resources: