Advocacy Efforts

Giving a policy voice to Michigan farmers markets has always been an integral part of MIFMA’s work as an organization. We are incredibly proud of what MIFMA has achieved for our members over the past 10 years, from expanding acceptance of food assistance benefits at farmers markets to advocating for sales of Cottage Foods, wild foraged mushrooms and wine at Michigan farmers markets.

Read about MIFMA’s Advocacy Highlights over the last decade.

Policy Priorities

Part of MIFMA’s vision is to ensure that Michigan farmers markets have policy support. To guide our work towards that vision, each year MIFMA’s Advocacy Committee creates advocacy priorities that will provide a framework for MIFMA’s advocacy work. MIFMA members review and approved these advocacy priorities at MIFMA’s annual meeting on March 8, 2017.

How do I get involved?

Join MIFMA’s Advocacy Committee to help guide MIFMA’s involvement in food and farming policy efforts and advocate for our members on important issues.