Michigan Farmers Market Metrics



While the benefits of markets are diverse and expansive, little has been done to document or measure the impacts of Michigan farmers markets. The Michigan Farmers Market Metrics (MFMM) program was designed to capture and evaluate the economic contributions and market impacts of participating Michigan farmers markets to further the understanding of market impacts and provide advocacy tools to participating markets.


Participating markets conduct a variety of surveys to collect information throughout the season. Market managers administer visitor surveys, vendor surveys, and visitor counts. Surveys were used to collect information on farm and vendor production, vendor sales data, customer spending data, and a variety of other geographic and economic metrics.

This data is collected by participating market managers and entered into the Farmers Market Metrics Portal created in partnership with the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC). Once the information has been entered into the portal, market managers can begin to assess their markets economic contributions. This information is available to consumers and community stakeholders so that market managers can advocate for the success of their markets.

For more information on the program or how to participate in the Michigan Farmers Market Metrics Program, please contact Michelle Gagliardi, Special Project Associate, at michelle@mifma.org or (517) 432-3381.

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