Market Manager Certificate Program

The Market Manager Certificate Program is a voluntary program designed to encourage farmers market managers to pursue leadership skills and professional development in topics essential to market management. Market managers will be recognized with a certificate upon completion of the full program. This certificate offers acknowledgment to market organizers and vendors that the market manager is a trained professional.

The full program includes 3 in-person sessions and 7 webinars for a total of 32 educational hours. During the in-person sessions, speakers will present live from the Kalamazoo location, and their presentation will be live streamed to all satellite locations.

Registration is now open to MIFMA members. Please log in to the MIFMA Membership portal to register.

Program Dates & Times: 

Certification Requirements: Certificates will be awarded to individuals who complete the full program including:

  • Attending all in-person training sessions
  • Completing all webinars
  • Completing all course assignments
  • Delivering a peer-to-peer presentation during the closing session and providing feedback to others

Program Costs:

  • $300 full program registration fee for MIFMA members
  • $20 webinar registration fee for MIFMA members and members of the Farmers Market Coalition
  • $50 webinar registration fee for non-members


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