MIFMA Publications

Prescription for Health Programs in Michigan: An Overview of Best Practices
The Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA) completed a survey of all known Prescription for Health style programs in Michigan. The results of the survey are highlighted in this publication. Each program is featured as a case study and summarizes best practices. Prescription for Health programs supports healthy behavior change for individuals and families through partnerships with healthcare and other providers who focus on supporting healthy eating (farmers and farmers markets) and/or community partners who provide opportunities for increased physical activity. Programs are commonly aimed at improving health outcomes for low-income patients with diet-related diseases.

Michigan Farmers Market Managers: Roles, Responsibilities, Compensation & Education Report
This study was conducted in 2016 to provide baseline information about the compensation of farmers market managers in Michigan and to help examine the effectiveness of educational programs that seek to professionalize the role of farmers market managers.

Wine Sales at Farmers Markets FAQ
Public Act 100 allows the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to issue a special permit to small winemakers for them to be able to offer samples and sell wine at Michigan farmers markets. These guidelines were developed through collaboration by the Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA), the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council and the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC). These questions and answers are intended to encourage compliance with Commission requirements for market managers that wish to partner with wineries.

Accepting SNAP Bridge Cards at Michigan Farmers Markets Manual
This 44-page resource manual will help you decide if your farmers market should accept food assistance benefits. If you decide to become an authorized SNAP retailer, it will help you implement this food assistance program.

Food Safety from the Farmers Market to the Fridge
Concerned about food safety when you shop? Here are some tips and guidelines to help you make sure that your food is safe from the farmers market to your fridge.

Flipchart of Emergency Procedures for Your Farmers Market
This flipchart is an informational resource and a tool or template to help farmers markets develop and establish protocols for handling emergencies at the market.

Starting a Farmers Market Feasibility Assessment Guide:
Should We Start a New Farmers Market in Our Community?
Farmers markets are amazing places where neighbors come together to support local farmers, share camaraderie and purchase local goods. Farmers markets represent their community and the ideas therein, which can make them unique, place-making entities. One of the ways to ensure that your farmers market will live up to your desired outcomes is to first contemplate the feasibility of its existence. No matter the good intention that generates the idea of starting a market, there are a number of considerations to be mindful of in making it successful.

This guide is designed to encourage a comprehensive assessment of your community and the likelihood that it can and will support a new farmers market.  Content includes:

  • The Why, Who, What, Where and When
  • Considering other Nearby Farmers Markets
  • Assessing Your Community
  • Financial Considerations

2015 MIFMA Farm-Based Education Field Guides

These two-page Field Guides accompany each of the Farm-Based Education educational videos.