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Position your company and expose your brand to farmers market managers, farmers, and/or shoppers by becoming a sponsor of one or more of MIFMA’s programs or events. These opportunities enable you to reach attendees before, during and after the events. Your participation as a sponsor will enable MIFMA to continue to work toward our mission of advancing farmers markets in creating thriving marketplaces for local food and farm products.

MIFMA provides different levels of sponsorship opportunities and recognition that coincides with each level. Please feel free to choose a level that reflects your interest and capacity or contact us to customize a sponsorship packet that suits your organization.

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Michigan Farmers Market Conference Sponsors & Exhibitors

This annual, two-day conference will reach farmers market managers and stakeholders with information about the emerging trends in the Michigan farmers market community. Cornerstones of the conference include ample networking opportunities, a keynote speaker, roundtable discussions, and great local food.

Learn more about 2019 Michigan Farmers Market Conference sponsorship & exhibitor opportunities

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Farmers Market at the Capitol Sponsorship:

These special-event markets are held three times annually on the lawn of the Michigan State Capitol building. These public-facing events are the visual cornerstone of MIFMA’s work to advocate for farmers markets and farmers and vendors across the state. The 2017 Farmers Markets at the Capitol reached approximately 18,800 shoppers that spent more than $235,000 with 83 unique Michigan farmers and small business owners across the three markets.

Review sponsorship levels and benefits online or through a printable sponsorship form.

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Market Manager Mentorship Program Sponsorship

The purpose of the Market Manager Mentorship Program is to pair a market manager with an experienced mentor. Mentors help mentees overcome obstacles and solve challenges, which can allow farmers markets to more quickly and efficiently increase access to healthy food in underserved communities.

Currently, program capacity in for mentees is limited to 20 market managers new to accepting SNAP benefits. However, capacity can be expanded to include new market managers not accepting SNAP benefits through a $300 sponsorship per manager.

Market Manager Certificate Program Scholarship Sponsors

The Market Manager Certificate Program is a voluntary program designed to encourage farmers market managers to pursue leadership skills and professional development in topics essential to market management.

Supporting market managers pursuing professional development through the Market Manager Certificate Program benefits the community by:

  • Helping to create a stronger, more accessible food system in your community
  • Supporting the ongoing education of a community organizer – your farmers market’s manager
  • Strengthening community development and prosperity
  • Standing behind the entrepreneurs and small businesses who seek to thrive within a farmers market setting
  • Professionalizing the role of a market manager and encouraging active leadership and retention of this important community position

By sponsoring a scholarship for a market manager to participate in the program, you will receive recognition from both MIFMA and the farmers market supported by the scholarship. Your sponsorship can be designated to support the farmers market in your community, or it can allow MIFMA to select a market manager to support from a pool of qualifying candidates. Scholarships designated for your community can be customized to support the needs of your market’s manager. Scholarships provided for MIFMA to distribute should be made at the cost of $375 per scholarship.

Learn more sponsoring a scholarship in 2019 here.

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Questions about additional sponsorship opportunities? Please contact MIFMA at 517-432-3381.

We welcome sponsorships from organizations that support our mission to advance farmers markets to create a thriving marketplace for local food and farm products. All sponsorships will be reviewed and approved by MIFMA. Sponsorships are non-refundable.