Food Safety from the Farmers Market to the Fridge Resource Available for Consumers

Concerned about food safety when you shop for produce? MIFMA has developed a guide with some tips and guidelines to help you make sure that your food is safe, from the farmers market to your fridge. Click to download the Food Safety from the Farmers Market to the Fridge (or Seguridad de la Comida del Mercado de Agricultores) booklet.

This four-page guide includes information on choosing and buying foods at the farmers market, safety getting purchases home, and how to properly store those fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, dairy and meat for safety and quality. It also includes basic tips for using, cooking and eating your farmers market items.

This document was originally published in 2007 with a consumer food safety grant. It was updated and reprinted in 2014 with funding from a Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) Food Safety Training and Education Grant.