August Advocacy Efforts Update – Take Action!

Giving a policy voice to Michigan farmers markets has always been integral to the vision and work of the Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA). To guide our work towards that vision, MIFMA’s Advocacy Committee works throughout the year to advance the Advocacy Priorities that are set annually by you, our members!


Take Action- Invite leaders to visit your market! 

Think Locally- City council members, county commissioners, and township boards- Oh my! Who are the leaders in your local area that influence decisions about your farmers market and your community? Start within your own community to identify these individuals and invite them to visit your market.

Expand Your Reach- The best thing you can do to position yourself as an advocate for your farmers market at a statewide level is to build relationships with both the Representative and the Senator that serves the district where your market is located. When an issue arises on which you want your voice to be heard, having an established relationship with your Representative and/or Senator will give you a leg up! Make sure your state Representative and Senator know who you are and how beneficial your market is to the community by inviting them to visit your market.

Don’t know who your state Senator and/or Representative are? Use the links at the bottom of this message to find their name and contact information. 

Act Nationally- Sometimes you need to go straight to the top! In that case, building a relationship with the Representative that serves your district and the Senators that serve our state in Washington D.C. can be powerful. National Farmers Market Week is purposely scheduled during Congress’ summer vacation so that members are home in their districts and available for market visits. Take advantage of this opportunity by inviting your national congressman or congresswoman to visit your market!

Wine Sales and Samples at Michigan Farmers Markets

In 2012, MIFMA supported Public Act 100 which allowed the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to issue a special permit to small winemakers for them to offer samples and sell wine at Michigan farmers markets. In the first five years, more than 30 permits have been issued to add wine to the offerings of farmers markets throughout our state.

MIFMA members, Michigan winemakers, and partners have expressed interest in expanding the size of winemakers that can participate in farmers markets to build on this success and expand market opportunities.

Take Action- We are still collecting stories!

Have you had wine sales at your farmers market? If yes, what has your experience been? How has it added to your market and/or supported a Michigan winemaker?

Would you like to have wine sales at your market but can’t find a winemaker that is both small enough to obtain a license and large enough to staff a booth at your market? 

Reply to this email to share your story with MIFMA’s Advocacy Committee. We need stories like yours to help us advocate for expanding the eligibility of winemakers that can participate in farmers markets!

Please email Advocacy Committee Chair, Chris Broadbent with questions or comments –