Provide your feedback on MIFMA’s Draft of 2019 Advocacy Priorities

Part of our vision at MIFMA is to ensure that Michigan farmers markets have policy support. To guide this work, the MIFMA Advocacy Committee works together to create a draft set of priorities to provide a framework for MIFMA’s advocacy work during the upcoming year.

Member feedback is incredibly valuable during this drafting process and we believe it is important to give our members time to ask questions and provide suggestions. This process provides the Advocacy Committee time to revise the priorities to better reflect the feedback of our members.

How can you be a part of this process?

Please read through the drafted 2019 Advocacy Priorities and complete our online survey, both of which can be accessed below.

Click here to view MIFMA’s Draft 2019 Advocacy Priorities
Click here to complete 2019 Advocacy Priorities Survey and Provide Your Feedback

We will be collecting feedback through February 5, 2019. MIFMA’s Advocacy Committee will review feedback and discuss revisions to the priorities on the committee conference call scheduled for February 6, 2019.

The final proposed draft will be released one week before MIFMA’s Annual Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 6 during the 2019 Michigan Farmers Market Conference. This draft will be presented to members at MIFMA’s Annual Meeting for approval.

For more information about MIFMA’s advocacy work, and how you can become an advocate, click here: