The Michigan Farmers Market Association works with and for farmers market organizers, managers, farmers, vendors, and friends to create a thriving marketplace for local food and farm products.

In the last ten years, the number of farmers markets in Michigan has grown from around 90 in 2001 to approximately 300 today. This growth makes our work more important than ever. Learn more about the work that we do to support farmers markets in our association brochure and specifically our work last year in our  2018 MIFMA By the Numbers Report.

We invite you to join MIFMA, to visit a member market near you, and to browse this site to learn more about our work.

The Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA) was established in 2006 as a statewide association to promote local food consumption in Michigan by connecting more farmers to consumers through farmers markets.

MIFMA’s Definition of a Farmers Market:
MIFMA defines a farmers market as a public and recurring assembly of farmers or their representatives selling direct-to-consumer food and products which they have produced themselves.  In addition, the market may include a variety of vendors as determined by market management.  A farmers market is organized for the purpose of facilitating personal connections that create mutual benefits for local farmers, vendors, shoppers, and communities.

Today, MIFMA works with its membership to maintain its mission and attain its vision.

Mission: MIFMA advances farmers markets to create a thriving marketplace for local food and farm products.

Vision: MIFMA places farmers markets at the forefront of the local food movement and works to ensure all residents have access to healthy, locally grown food and that Michigan farmers markets receive policy support.

As a statewide, member-based association, we believe in:

  • Integrity & Quality ~ of each other and of our food sources
  • Community & Belonging ~ by including, not isolating others
  • Diversity & Unity ~ working towards shared values and common goals while respecting differences