Feasibility Studies

Starting a Farmers Market Feasibility Assessment Guide:
Should We Start a New Farmers Market in Our Community?
Farmers markets are amazing places where neighbors come together to support local farmers, share camaraderie and purchase local goods. Farmers markets represent their community and the ideas therein, which can make them unique, place-making entities. One of the ways to ensure that your farmers market will live up to your desired outcomes is to first contemplate the feasibility of its existence. No matter the good intention that generates the idea of starting a market, there are a number of considerations to be mindful of in making it successful.
This guide is designed to encourage a comprehensive assessment of your community and the likelihood that it can and will support a new farmers market. Content includes:

  • The Why, Who, What, Where and When
  • Considering other Nearby Farmers Markets
  • Assessing Your Community
  • Financial Considerations