Food Access

Accepting SNAP at Direct Marketing Sites and Farmers Markets


Direct Marketing Sites and Farmers markets can accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to create a win-win-win opportunity for their market, their vendors, and the health of their community. Accepting SNAP, which is distributed via the Michigan Bridge Card, can increase revenue for vendors, contribute to vendor recruitment and retention for the market and increase access to fresh, nutritious, local food for residents of your community.

This webinar discusses how accepting SNAP benefits can benefit a direct marketing site and farmers market, the steps to getting started, and how a market can facilitate SNAP transactions between customers and vendors.

Accepting WIC Project FRESH & Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH at Michigan Farmers Markets


Learn about how to become authorized to accept WIC Project FRESH and Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH at farmers markets. This webinar discusses the similarities and differences between the two programs, how to participate, and what resources are available to help implement the programs and inform customers.

Food Navigator Program

Key Findings from the SNAP-Ed Food Navigator Pilot Project


This webinar, hosted by the Public Health Institute’s Center of Wellness and Nutrition (PHI), will be presenting key findings from the Farmers Market Food Navigator Project. Learn more about the mix-method approach used to evaluate the Food Navigator Pilot, as well as key evaluation findings, including indicators from the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework. The Food Navigator pilot included: 1) designated Food Navigators onsite during farmers market operating hours to guide low-income consumers, 2) the MFF social marketing messaging featuring Michigan Harvest of the Month™ (MiHOTM), and 3) experiential nutrition education programming in collaboration with SNAP-Ed partners (e.g., cooking demonstrations and food tastings).

Navigating SNAP-Ed Programs and Partnerships at Farmers Markets: Lessons Learned


This webinar reflected on lessons learned over the course of the Food Navigator pilot program, including how Navigators used SNAP-Ed nutrition education programming and materials to work to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables in farmers market settings.

Building Partnerships between SNAP-Ed Programs and Farmers Markets


This webinar was created to help begin to build partnerships between SNAP-Ed programs and farmers markets, creating a win-win-win opportunity for the market, the SNAP-Ed programs, and the health of the community. The webinar showcased how SNAP-Ed nutrition education programming and evaluation efforts, specifically the Food Navigator pilot program, can work to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables in a farmers market setting. This training included details on increasing customer intent to purchase and access issues of multiple food assistance programs at the farmers market.

Food Safety

2020 Cannabis and Michigan Farmers Markets


This webinar will introduce Michigan farmers market managers to new resources created by MIFMA to help navigate the sale of cannabis products at farmers markefts, show examples of market policy language around the sale of these products, and feature questions and answers from farmers market staff.

Cooking Demonstration Webinar


This webinar is about new licensing options for farmers markets implementing cooking demonstrations. You will hear from MDARD and a market manager who has completed the licensing application.

2019 Food Safety Webinar


This webinar discusses the successes and challenges of the 2019 farmers market season as it pertains to food safety. Learn about safe food sampling, cottage food labeling, eggs and egg cartons, kombucha, and hemp/marijuana/CBD at farmers markets from an MDARD inspector.

2018 Safe Food Sampling Webinar


This webinar reviews the MDARD Safe Food Sampling Guidelines paired with real-world examples for providing food samples at a farmers markets. Mandi Cooley from MDARD, Michelle Gagliardi from MIFMA, and Danielle Welke of MI Ice Pops present take a dynamic approach on best practice for providing safe food to farmers market visitors.

Other Webinars

Celebrating National Farmers Market Week in Michigan


National Farmers Market Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your market! Join MIFMA and the Farmers Market Coalition to learn tips and share tools for successfully promoting your farmers market. MIFMA members who register for the webinar will gain access to customized digital promotional tools to use to celebrate and promote on social media.

Difficult Questions and Controversial Topics


Difficult Questions and Controversial Topics

Farmers Markets as Engines for Economic Opportunity: Power in Numbers


This webinar showcases the pilot work being done in Michigan to understand the Economic Contribution of Farmers Markets to local communities. It is an overview of the Michigan Farmers Market Association’s (MIFMA) steps forward in economic contributions of markets to their local communities through strong data collection. Collecting strong data gives farmers markets the benefit of seeing change, from year to year. While most markets have already begun to collect data at a baseline level, this webinar helps to explain the need for more in-depth metrics. This discussion of different types of data collection tools helps markets start the process and demonstrate their reach to community members, funders, governing bodies, and potential market vendors.