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Job Description

The People's Food Coop of Kalamazoo (PFC) seeks a dedicated hard working individual with a passion for the co-op model of business to run and facilitate all aspects of our natural food store as our new general manager. The general manager reports to the board of directors, which is elected by the members of the cooperative. The board uses Policy Governance, a system that emphasizes vision and values empowerment and accountability. The general manager is held solely responsible by its board of directors and will follow the guidelines set forth by its board. They will operate within the executive limitations of the policies as defined in our Board's policies and avoid unacceptable conditions as defined in its executive limitation policies.

The job of the general manager is to ensure achievement of organizational results as defined in our policies and to avoid unacceptable conditions as defined in executive limitation policies. The general manager has the authority to use any reasonable and equity-based interpretation of these policies.

The general manager is empowered to make all decisions, create all operational policies, and authorize all engagements that are consistent with a reasonable interpretation of board policy as provided for in board/general manager relations policies.

The general manager’s performance will be evaluated through systematic and rigorous monitoring of expectations established in policies on asset protection, financial conditions, business planning and financial budgeting, staff treatment and compensation, treatment of consumers, membership equity and benefits, communication and support to the board, board logistical support, and emergency management succession.

PFC is an actively anti-racist institution which means that the general manager at PFC works in collaboration with the PFC Anti-Racist Transformation Team (ARTT) to ensure that PFC’s actions both internally and in the community prioritize anti-racism and anti-oppression.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated experience with strategic planning, and the ability to evaluate and determine appropriate strategic changes
  • Strong leadership skills with a proven ability to motivate, lead & coordinate
  • Strong business acumen and fiduciary skills with a keen knowledge and understanding of financial management and reporting
  • Demonstrated commitment to and experience with team leadership and development
  • Experience as manager in a retail food store and/or healthy prepared foods operation, or transferable experience
  • Commitment to cooperative values and structure
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively as well as independently to accomplish common goals and to adapt to rapidly shifting priorities, external conditions, and deadlines
  • Evidence of excellent interpersonal, organizational, and written/oral communication skills, as well as an ability and desire to work across diverse groups
  • Servant leadership mindset
  • Retail grocery and farmers market experience preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Public relations management experience
  • Experience using CoPOS (or a POS equivalent platform), Humanity, QuickBooks, and Google Apps a plus
  • An embodiment of anti-racist/anti-oppressive values

About the Employer

With over fifty years of growth and nearly 4,000 owners behind us, PFC is a robust community-owned natural grocery store and operator of the vibrant and ever-expanding Kalamazoo Farmers Market. We identify as an anti-racist, anti-oppressive cooperative, actively working to dismantle systemic racism and other oppressions in our organization, partnerships, and community, in part through the implementation of an Anti-Racism Transformation Team (ARTT).

Cooperative businesses are member-owned, democratic institutions. They are controlled by a member-elected Board of Directors and abide by the Seven International Cooperative Principles, which include:

  • Voluntary, Open Ownership
  • Democratic Owner Control
  • Owner Economic Participation
  • Autonomy And Independence
  • Education, Training And Information
  • Cooperation Among Cooperatives
  • Concern For The Community

How To Apply

Apply by submitting a resume and cover letter at:

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