Rapid Market Assessments

Whether you are considering a big change for your farmers market, looking for guidance on day-to-day operations, or measuring and benchmarking your market’s success, having data and key-stakeholder feedback at your fingertips can be an invaluable tool. There are numerous ways to collect and analyze market data and feedback. One well-developed method is by conducting a Rapid Market Assessment (RMA).

This model was designed by Larry Lev, Linda Brewer and Garry Stephenson of the Oregon State University Extension Service in the Oregon Small Farms Technical Report Number 6 (Revised December 2004) to provide markets with tangible data and information required to make effective changes and improvements. Included in this assessment are three simple, tested methods to evaluate markets and collect information they need to make important market decisions:

  1. Attendance counts
  2. Dot survey of customers
  3. Constructive comments/observations

An RMA provides a snapshot of the market on the day the assessment is conducted. RMAs can be conducted on any market day and as often as they are beneficial. Conducting assessments and comparing results across market days (weekday versus weekend), market seasons (summer versus winter, on a regular market day and a special event day, and/or before or after a big market change can result in rich observations and informed decision-making.

Markets can conduct their own assessments with a team of staff and/or volunteers, or MIFMA’s services can be retained to conduct and report the results of an assessment. You can learn more about MIFMA Rapid Market Assessments, including the discounts members receive and request a Rapid Market Assessment by filling out our Fee for Service Request Form here.

Rapid Market Assessment Reports

Fulton Street Farmers Market – Tuesday Market (8-13-19)

Metro Health Farm Market (8-1-19)

Fulton Street Farmers Market – Saturday Market (7-20-19)

Hope Village Farmers Market (7-17-19)

The Pearl Market, Columbus, Ohio (7-12-19)

Detroit Community Markets:

Detroit Community Markets Rapid Market Assessment Report (Fall 2018) 

Banglatown Farmers Market (10-13-18)

Brightmoore Artisans Farmers Market (10-5-18)

CHASS Mercado (9-27-18)

Eastern Market – Tuesday Market (9-11-18)

Northwest Detroit Farmers Market (10-11-18)

Oakland Avenue Farmers Market (9-29-18)

Sowing Seeds Growing Futures Market (10-2-18)

Wayne State University Farmers Market (10-10-18)

Downtown Jackson Grand River Farmers Markets (8-12-16)

Adrian Farmers Market (8-25-15) 

Dearborn Farmers and Artisans Market (5-8-15)

Downtown Marquette Farmers Market

Kalamazoo Farmers Market (9-7-13)