The Market Manager Certificate Program

The Market Manager Certificate Program is a voluntary program designed to encourage farmers market managers to pursue leadership skills and professional development in topics essential to market management.

Market managers will be recognized with a certificate upon completion of the full program. This certificate offers acknowledgment to market organizers and vendors that the market manager is a trained professional.

2021 Program Dates and Time

21 September

Registration Opens

4 January

Registration Closes

11 January

Program Begins

25 February

Program Ends

2021 Program Details

The full program includes 12 webinars and a final presentation for a total of 32 educational hours. All webinars will be recorded for later viewing. A series of individual webinars will also be available for market managers not wishing to participate in the full program. Market managers that only register for individual webinars will not receive certification at the end of the program.

Webinars are every Monday and Wednesday from 6-7:30 PM for the duration of the program. Final presentations will take place February 24 and 25.

Mission-Driven Market Management
Learn about the roles and responsibilities of a market manager, what a mission statement is, and how to use a mission statement to guide your market.

Racial Equity at the Farmers Market
Understand cultural competencies for working with diverse populations.

Governance and Market Policies
Understand the difference in market governance structures, market stakeholders, and how to utilize team building to support your market.

Working with Vendors: Applications, Recruitment, Mix, and Placement
Understand how to develop market policies that support your mission and tools to enforce those policies at your market. Learn about successful vendor recruitment techniques and strategies to ensure the right mix of products and vendors at your market.

Conflict Management and De-escalation
Gain knowledge about strategies to resolve conflict and communication styles that can help facilitate difficult conversations.

Avoiding Market Downfalls and Planning for Success
Gain an understanding of common reasons why markets fail to thrive and learn the steps your market can take to be prepared for growth and transitions in leadership.

Collecting and Sharing Farmers Market Data
Learn about the critical records needed for market management and understand how to collect, analyze, and share that information.

Earning and Managing Financial Support for Your Market
Become familiar with financial record keeping and accountability practices specifically related to farmers markets, learn simple strategies for writing successful grant proposals, and explore ways to earn financial support for your market including vendor fees, fundraising, and sponsorships.

Managing Risk at the Farmers Market
Understand the steps you can take to recognize and evaluate risks and prepare for emergency situations.

State-Specific Licensing, Regulations, and Food Assistance Programs
Become aware of state licensing requirements and regulations that farmers markets and vendors must follow, and learn about food assistance benefits farmers markets can accept and the process.

Developing and Using an Annual Marketing Plan
Understand how to develop and implement an annual marketing plan that will allow you to promote your market to vendors, customers, and community partners.

Planning for Events, Entertainment, and Volunteers
Learn how to plan for events and entertainment, including special licenses required for some promotions and activities. Explore successful volunteer recruitment, management, and recognition.

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2021 Program Cost

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Julia A. Darnton MMCP Scholarship

Scholarships may be available to full program participants through the Julia A. Darnton MMCP Scholarship fund. Information regarding 2021 scholarships coming October 1!