Food Safety Resources for Farmers and Vendors

Whatever role you serve at your farmers market, we know that you are not only dedicated to ensuring shoppers have access to delicious, locally grown food and other high-quality products, but that shoppers and the products they purchase are safe. Whether that’s through proper food labeling, temperature-controlled storage, or safe food sampling, it’s important to educate yourself regarding state-specific food safety guidelines and best practices. To learn more, check out the resources listed below!


  • Setting Up a Handwashing Station – This video walks through the easiest way to create an on-site handwashing station. A must if you plan to provide samples to your customers!
  • When to Use your Handwashing Station – An excellent reminder of when to use your handwashing station at the farmers market.
  • How to Build a Ware Washing Station – If you will be preparing samples at the farmers market you may need to set up a ware washing station for your utensils. This video walks through the process of building that station.
  • What Should be on a Cottage Food Label? – Although this video was created to help educate consumers, it also lays out all of the elements that need to be included in a proper Cottage Food label.



  • 2018 Safe Food Sampling Webinar – This webinar walks you through important safe food sampling guidelines with the help of an MDARD inspector and experienced vendors. These experts also helped to answer questions from participants and provided specific examples to complement the guidelines.
  • 2019 Food Safety Webinar – This webinar discusses the successes and challenges of the 2019 farmers market season as it pertains to food safety. Learn about safe food sampling, cottage food labeling, eggs and egg cartons, kombucha, and hemp/marijuana/CBD at farmers markets from an MDARD inspector.
  • 2015 Cooking Demonstration Webinar – This webinar is about licensing options for farmers markets implementing cooking demonstrations. You will hear from MDARD and a market manager who has completed the licensing application.