MIFMA Member of the Season, Winter 2013-2014:

December 20, 2013 | For Consumers

An interview with Rebecca Harris

Above: Fresh greens at the Boyne City Farmers Market.

You currently are the market manager of the Boyne City Farmers Market. Tell us about your experience managing the market.

It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I feel fortunate to be involved with the food movement in my community at this specific time. We stress the importance of eating local and healthy every week with a tip or fact to our customers. Mostly, the vendors have become like family to me.

What is one thing that every MIFMA member should know about the Boyne City Farmers Market?

We are located in a forward thinking community that is generous and supportive. The Library has allowed us to use one of their buildings for the last three indoor seasons while we figure out our long term winter facility. We received a grant in July, which will provide architectural renderings and cost  (ready package to go forward with financing) for a new community multi-use pavilion including our winter market.

How has accepting food assistance benefits impacted your market?

The customer and economic impact increased 400% last year. We are privileged to participate and encourage eating local  to families that may have never shopped the Farmers Market before. The Northwest Health Dept. provided 9 tastings in conjunction with SNAP and DUFB last season. It was embraced for all customers! We titled the series, “Cooking with Amy” The faces on customers that did not know about DUFB was priceless!

The Boyne City Market is a member of MIFMA. Why do you feel it is important for your market to be involved in MIFMA?

MIFMA has been so helpful, I feel they are my support system. They keep us up to date on legislative issues concerning farmers and markets; they have facilitated support for the food assistance program; they provide continuing education and great networking opportunities at their annual  conference.

 Above: Customer browses through cut flowers at the Boyne City Farmers Market.

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