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New Baltimore Farmers Market


New Baltimore

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Market Manager

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Job Description

We are seeking a dynamic and dedicated Market Manager to oversee the operations of our farmers market in Downtown New Baltimore MI. The Market Manager will be responsible for managing vendors, coordinating events, and promoting the market to the local community. The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in ensuring the market's success, fostering community engagement, and supporting local agriculture.


Vendor Coordination

Recruit, onboard, and manage a diverse group of local farmers, artisans, and food vendors. Ensure vendor compliance with market rules and regulations, federal, state, and local health food safety regulations. Foster positive relationships with vendors and provide support as needed. Event Planning

Organize and execute special events, workshops, and activities to enhance the market's appeal. Collaborate with local partners and vendors to create engaging and educational events. Manage event logistics, including permits, setup, and promotion.

Marketing and Promotion

Develop and implement a marketing plan to raise awareness and attract customers to the market. Manage the market's online presence, including social media profiles.

Create marketing materials and collaborate with local media for promotion.

Customer Relations

Provide excellent customer service and engage with patrons to understand their preferences and needs. Gather feedback and insights to improve the market's offerings and customer experience. Engage with community partners and sponsors.


Financial Management

Monitor sales and attendance data and make data-driven decisions to optimize performance. Manage food assistance benefit programs in the future.


Previous experience in event management, farmers markets, or a related field is preferred.  Strong organizational and leadership skills.

Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.

Marketing and promotional skills are a plus.

Passion for supporting local agriculture and community engagement.

Willingness to work nights, weekends and in various weather conditions.

About the Employer

The New Baltimore Farmers Market is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization whose purpose is to provide a link to local foods, farmers, and artisans, with supportive access to fresh foods for all consumers, while educating, sharing and encouraging the health and economic benefits of local foods, entrepreneurship, and activities with partnerships and volunteers from the Macomb / St. Clair County areas

Understanding that EACH FARMERS MARKET has its own "culture" and rules...We are a "Handmade / Homemade / Homegrown" criteria market, with a few exceptions. While some of our farmers choose to sell ONLY what they grow, we are, currently, NOT a "grower only " market, and have never been.

Our philosophy is that we support local farmers/producers to build their business & provide the desired products (produce) in the best way they know how and support them in that effort. Our farmers grow what are considered "specialty crops" - these are foods that. you normally see at your grocery store in the produce department. Our farmers have their own crop list and their own growing practices. We, as a market, do not "police" products OR growing practices but do adhere to a 75/25 rule, since our inception in 2007.

We do understand that at times, the public will desire, and demand produce and products that may not be seasonally OR locally available, so there may be some exceptions to this rule from time to time. To encourage the growing and selling of local farm products, the NBFM Board of Directors has determined that our vendors must grow 75% of what they sell but can be a re-seller for up to 25% of the products in their stall on a given market day. To add diversity to the market, exceptions may be given for unique products with the approval of the Board.

A very important component of the success of this market is for the SHOPPER/CUSTOMER to ask questions of the farmers in order to satisfy their personal expectations.

In short: Know your Farmer ~ Know Your Food!

How To Apply

Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume and cover letter, to Carl Weinreich, President—New Baltimore Farmers Market at . Please include "Market Manager Application" in the subject line. Application deadline is March 22nd 2024

After submitting a resume applicants are invited to follow up with a call to 586-242-7341